Picking a Nurse Costume

Published: 24th March 2011
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Choosing a Fancy Dress costume can be very difficult especially for women. It’s hard to pick an outfit that suits your personality and figure. Nurse uniforms are probably the most popular Halloween outfit there is for women. Go to a Halloween celebration and you will find that the majority of women are dressed as Nurses. But why are Nurse Costumes so popular and how do you choose one which is perfect for you?

Nurses are stereotyped as hot, up for it women. This is unfair to the vast majority of hard working Nurses who have to toil in hospitals all over the country. This stereotype has helped created an image in men’s minds that all Nurses are sexy and up for it. In a recent survey Nurses were voted the most fantasised profession by men. It is this stereotype of the sexy Nurse which has led to so many women wanting to look like Nurses at Halloween and for other Fancy Dress parties. If you want to attract attention and stand out from the crowd then choose a sexy Nurse number.

So now that we know why Nurse Costumes are so popular, how do you choose the right Nurse outfit for you?

First consider the effect you wish to create on everyone at your party. Do you want to create a big impact, stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of everyone at your party? If so then choose a Nurse costume which is sexy, hot and daring. The classic hot red and white tight short Nurse dress is perfect for this. This is the stereotypical sexy nurse dress. The red and white colour scheme will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps though you find the classic red and white dress to be predictable, most women wearing Nurse Costumes will be wearing this type of outfit. If this is what you feel you may want to choose a costume like the black PVC Nurse Outfit. This outfit is for those women who are not afraid to show off their curves. It is a lot more risqué than your average Nurse outfit but will create a big impact and lasting impression.

If very sexy Nurse Dresses are not your thing then a traditional Nurse uniform may be more suitable for you. This outfit consists of a blue and white dress with white apron and headpiece. It is the more realistic of the Nurse costumes and can be worn by women of all figures.

Whichever Nurse Uniform you decide upon you must accessorise to complete the realistic Nurse look. Luckily Nurse Outfits are perfect for accessorising with as there is a wide selection of possible accessories. Some of the more popular Nurse accessories include, stethoscopes, Knee high boots and stockings, bandages, syringes and thermometers. By dressing up as a Nurse you are guaranteed an evening of fun and laughter.

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